Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Tips

Some Tips

We don't run 'tune up scams

Motors today do not have ports to add oil! Refrigerant lasts forever unless it leaks out. In comparing the AC equipment of today to the same type 50 years ago, there is not much to 'tune up' but instead just change your filter regularly and you have done your part. When it fails, and all mechanical equipment does fail sooner or later, give us a call. Seriously! A company can not make any money doing a 'tune up' at a loss. The only reason they run such 'deals' is to find something they can talk you into changing or upgrade your system to a new more efficient system.

A word of caution

The new super high efficient systems. While very true that you will get a lower electric bill, the repair costs are 2 to 3 times higher. It is not unusual to see an $800 fan motor cost or a $1500 compressor cost PLUS the labor! High tech also often means the parts are not available locally. Sure they might be under warranty but not the shipping and not the labor. So if you want a 17 SEER + unit, we can do the job.... but we don't have them in our houses! We see too many costly failures and reliability issues

Mini Split systems

Yes, in addition to standard central AC systems and equipment, we also sell and install and service the mini split type of equipment. Space saving and very quiet, these have been very popular in Asia and Europe for years. Now taking notice in the US. From 9,000 BTU to over 36,000 BTU, these systems are great for a small room or a large room. As an additionally cooling unit for those who entertain a lot and are great in restaurants and bars where you can put the cooling where you need it with out a noisy blower nearby.

Programmable Thermostat benefit or not?

Is there any real benefit to using a programmable thermostat? Depends on you. If you are home and keep the AC unit running set to a specific temperature all the time, then, there may be no real benefit in electric savings. But for those who are away most of the day and have no pets or a commercial store or office, a programmable thermostat, set properly never forgets to raise the temp or turn the unit off when the office is closed and then turns the temp down when you are open automatically.

Internet Capable Thermostats

Wow! The newest toy to waste money on. But it is your money. If being able to access the temperature reading or to change the settings of the thermostat from anywhere you can get a wifi signal for your smart phone is worth a few hundred dollars to you, then you might be interested in this new toy. For the majority of people, after the first few weeks, the wow factor wears off and they forget about it. After all it is programmable anyway and with or without your monitoring it, it does just what you tell it to do when you programmed it. But at a cost of a few hundred more than a standard programmable thermostat. Call us for a quote if you want to step into the future or just like new electronic gadgets! Not all models are easy to install for an older system. If researching on the internet, there are a few different brands to review. Look for a model that does NOT require a COMMON wire. These are more likely to match with your existing thermostat wiring for older units.
Generally speaking, White Rodgers is more user friendly than Honeywell. They are the two big names. Home Depot and Lowes sells low end thermostats that may not last as long under Hunter and Lux and Pro brand names. These are really made more for builders who need to keep costs down and are made for that purpose. Everyone has a budget. Figure out what your is and how long you will stay in your house to help determine if you want an under $40 thermostat or a top-of-the-line $300 thermostat.

Clean Your Air

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