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Broward AC repairs trading as A&H Air Conditioning Inc servicing all Broward areas. We service and repair all brands of residential central air conditioning. We are Licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Our purpose is not to sell you new equipment, but instead make fast reasonably priced repairs whenever possible. If you do need equipment installed we may also be able to help with that but if you are more interested in repairing your AC unit then we are the company for you! Over 30 years experience here in South Florida.

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We Fix Air Conditioning Systems. Residential and light commercial. No children here! Were all over 50, been doing this for many years and as such, we are not 'learning' on your equipment and at your expense. R22 systems or the newer R410 systems we do it all. While we can and often do install replacement equipment, our average customer is calling us to fix it not replace it.

Many companies use a predetermined age to condemn fixable equipment as often these companies pay their techs a commission on what they sell. We don't. You have options with us. If it truly is not cost effective to fix it, you can decide what you want to do at that point. We change compressors, fix refrigerant leaks, clear drains, clean coils, replace contactors, replace fan motors and add refrigerant as needed. We install new thermostats including programmable and smartphone compatible.

Energy Saving Tip

Is your outside condensing unit several years old or older? Want to lower your electric bill? Then just use the water hose to wash the outside coil. Remember there is no filter to reduce dust from clogging the coil as compared to the inside air handler coil. If you have pets that stay around the unit or a lot of grass that when cut and the unit is working at the same time, all that dust and grass can be sucked into the coil and builds up year after year depending on the type of coil and coil guard that your unit was designed with. A simple once a year washing of the coil may remove the dust, promote better heat transfer and lower your electric bill as the unit is running cooler and as such, running less time.

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A&H Air Conditioning service all areas of Broward

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Licensed and Insured, our number is CAC 057837